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Start Your Day

Breakfast Buffet

Cost: 32€ pp MIN. 6 persons. MIN.3 services. Tailor made options upon request for different group specifications.

Everything is included

  • Filter coffee
  • Freshly squeezed orange juice
  • Milk (option for plant based milk 2€pp)
  • Local herbal tea
  • Wood oven bread
  • Platter of  3 cheeses
  • Platter of  2 cold cuts
  • Greek yoghurt
  • Fresh seasonal fruit
  • Local soft butter
  • Chef made marmalade
  • Tahini
  • Thyme honey
  • Greek chocolate praline
  • Eggs ala minute as requested (boiled, fried, omelet, scrambled)
  • Fresh organic tomato
  • Traditional pie like lyhnarakia, cheese pie or spinach pie etc.
  • Traditional sweet pastry like anevata, loukoumades, tsoureki etc.

“Breakfast served on a plate” Form your own menu using our chef’s suggestions

    Cost: From 20€ pp MIN. 6persons. MIN.3services. Served individually. Tailor made options upon request for different group specifications
    Choose 2 savory dishes per meal (e.g. group of 6: 3 choose “koulouri” plates and 3 “shakshuka” plates)

    Choose 1 sweet plate per meal (everyone in the group gets the same sweet choice)

    *Add to your breakfast (in this section selections can be made individually per person):

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      Cost: From 50€ pp MIN. 6persons.Tailor made options upon request for different group specifications.
      Always included plus some optional choices
      • Filter coffee
      • Local herbal tea
      • Freshly squeezed orange juice
      • Sourdough bread/ (available whole wheat upon request)
      • Platter of 2 local cheese
      • Smoked turkey or chicken slices
      • Fresh seasonal fruit
      • Greek yogurt with chef made granola
      • Loukoumades served with thyme honey
      • Chocolate pastry
      • Lyhnarakia
      • Greek “Shakshuka” eggs with sausages
      • Open face feta cheese pie (served with fried egg upon request)

      Minute steak (choose 1):

      Add drinks

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