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Breakfast Buffet

    Cost:32€ pp MIN 6 pax. Price is valid for guests in Rethymno city and 30km from the city, for every extra driven km there is a charge of 0.6€. Price includes shopping and cost of the ingredients, cooking, serving food on a buffet, kitchen clean up.
    Taxes are not included in the price.

    • Filter coffee
    • Freshly squeezed orange juice
    • Milk (option for plant based milk 2€pp)
    • Local herbal tea
    • Wood oven bread
    • Platter of  3 cheeses
    • Platter of  2 cold cuts
    • Greek yoghurt
    • Fresh seasonal fruit
    • Local soft butter
    • Chefmade marmalade
    • Tahini
    • Thyme honey
    • Greek chocolate praline
    • Eggs ala minute as requested (boiled, fried ,omelet, scrambled)
    • Fresh organic tomato
    • Lixnarakia (traditional mizithra star shaped pies) or other traditional pie like cheese pie or spinach pie
    • Tsoureki sweet bread French toasts or other traditional sweet pastry like anevata, loukoumades etc

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    “Breakfast served on a plate” Form your own menu using our chef’s suggestions

      Cost: From 20€ pp MIN. 6persons. MIN.3services. Served individually. Tailor made options upon request for different group specifications
      Choose 2 savory dishes per meal (e.g. group of 6: 3 choose “koulouri” plates and 3 “shakshuka” plates)

      Choose 1 sweet plate per meal (everyone in the group gets the same sweet choice)

      *Add to your breakfast (in this section selections can be made individually per person):

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        Cost: From 50€ pp MIN. 6persons.Tailor made options upon request for different group specifications.
        Always included plus some optional choices
        • Filter coffee
        • Local herbal tea
        • Freshly squeezed orange juice
        • Sourdough bread/ (available whole wheat upon request)
        • Platter of 2 local cheese
        • Smoked turkey or chicken slices
        • Fresh seasonal fruit
        • Greek yogurt with chef made granola
        • Loukoumades served with thyme honey
        • Chocolate pastry
        • Lyhnarakia
        • Greek “Shakshuka” eggs with sausages
        • Open face feta cheese pie (served with fried egg upon request)

        Minute steak (choose 1):

        Add drinks

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        A taste of Crete

        Take a cultural journey through Crete based in pureness, simplicity, comfort and locality enhanced by food storytelling. Just sit back at the comfort of your temporary home and watch how the locally sourced, fresh treasures of the Cretan land transform into the most unexpected experiences. Enhance your dinner with a wine pairing upon request.

        “A taste of Crete” Form your own menu using our chef’s suggestions

          Cost: From 58€ pp MIN. 6persons. Served family style. Tailor made options upon request for different group specifications.

          To begin with (always included)
          • Rock salt of traditional Loutro village
          • Greek pink peppercorns
          • Variety of herb flavoured olive oil
          • Liatiko grape wine vinegar
          • Variety of olives
          • Local vegetable pickle
          • Bite size ouzo paximadi
          • Traditional wood oven bread
          • Local cheese or other seasonal ‘welcome’ starter (V)

          First course (choose 3)

          Salads (choose 2)

          Main course (choose 1)

          Choose between a chocolate or non chocolate dessert and the chef will pair it with your selected menu.

          Add drinks (check "Yes" and we will get back to you with more details)

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          We prepare mouthwatering barbeque options for you and your group for an extra special feast without having to lift a finger. Meat and fish is local and all come from sustainable farms/fishing , guaranteeing optimum taste. We also offer the rare taste of ‘Antikristo’, a local specialty of meat slow grilled around and not on the fire, resulting in extra juicy and tender meat, just like the locals like it for special occasions! Complete your experience by adding local drinks.


            Cost: From 65€ pp MIN. 6persons. Served family style .The choice of meat or fish apples to the whole group. Tailor made options upon request for different group specifications.
            A table full of taste (always included in the price)

            • Olive oil, wood oven bread
            • Greek salad - Tzatziki
            • Grilled peppers and potatoes - Jacket onions
            • Grilled pita bread

            Meat options (choose 3 From 65 € pp)

            There is also deluxe barbecue option with choices of lamp chops, beef tenderloin, pork tenderloin, veal cutlet, Greek raised Wagyu beef. Contact us for more information.

            or Fish options (choose 3 From 75 € pp)

            Choose between a chocolate or non chocolate dessert and the chef will pair it with your selected menu.

            Add drinks (check "Yes" and we will get back to you with more details)

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              Cost: 85€ pp Min. 8 persons. As this is an open fire cooking method, weather conditions and regulations of the rented house will be taken into consideration before confirming the service.
              Cretan Welcome (always included to nibble while waiting)
              • Wood oven bread
              • Olives in tomato paste and wine
              • Chania’s Myzithra Cheese
              • Pies of Sfakia with mountain herbs
              Main course (Choose 2)

              Side dish (always included)
              • Farmer’s seasonal salad
              • Giagia’s fried potatoes
              Add drinks (check "Yes" and we will get back to you with more details)

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              A Taste of Luxury

              Whether for a special occasion or an informal-made special one, sit down to a beautifully set table and enjoy a individually served menu with exceptional ingredients and innovative techniques that will seduce you . Our steady collaboration with a local wines cellar and their team of sommeliers but also our personal contact with Cretan producers lets us offer you an ideal wine pairing upon request.

              “A taste of luxury” Form your own menu using our chef’s suggestions

                Cost: From 85 €pp MIN.6 persons. Served individually. Tailor made options upon request for different group specifications.

                Starter (choose 1)

                First course (choose 1)

                Salad (choose 1)

                Main course (choose 1)
                Fish fillet sautéed in flavored olive oil topped with traditionally smoked pork belly crisps accompanied by seasonal boiled greensSmoked lamp, sautéed and served on a Cretan “Risotto” with lamp and rooster brothChicken thigh stuffed with cheese, Florina’s pepper sauce served with potato.Grilled beef fillet served with ‘’skioufihta’’ traditional pasta with zucchiniRabbit carob mole served with TrahanotoSmoked aubergine stuffed with a summer vegetable stew and topped with cheese(V)

                According to your final selection we will propose a desert that suits your meal.
                Add Wine Pairing (check "Yes" & according to your menu we will get back to you with more details)

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                Planning a wedding, exciting as it is, can also be daunting . Food is one of the most important parts and there is no need for compromises! We are here to give you a personalized experience through exclusively custom tailored menus for you and your guests, where you can have control of your special day menu right down to the ingredient level. We will cater for every need and detail, elevating your wedding with unique, scrumptious dishes, making sure that the food at your wedding is definitely memorable. Optional : drinks, decorations, dj, photographer Contact us to help you with sample menus and start planning your dream menu.

                We also like doing

                Meals for 2

                Even though our menus are usually designed for a group, we don’t ever forget our prime goal to spoil, please, treat our guests in every occasion. that shouldn’t stop you from taking When in 2 and on special evening ,birthday ,proposal night or even an everyday holiday treat take advantage of our services to propose,celebrate, treat yourself or sit back and enjoy freshly cooked food for all your stay if you are only two. Menus designed especially for two are available now!

                Wine Tasting

                Wine Tasting

                Enjoy a personalized culinary wine and food experience while learning about each wine , how to taste wine, and sampling tasty snacks inspired by the Chef who is attending to only you and your party to pair with the wine. Includes wine flight of four wines (2 oz. pours) for two.

                Fridge filling

                In order to make your stay as comfortable as possible, we offer you our full fridge service. If you do not want the presence of a chef in the villa , but still want to  sample homemade,  local food at its most authentic in the comfort of your own home,  we provide meals/snacks, all freshly cooked waiting for you to open the fridge. Eat /reheat.

                Cooking class

                Enjoying our delicious food is one thing, but learning to cook it yourself takes this experience to a whole new level, offering you a great and long-lasting souvenir from Crete to enjoy with friends and family.Our qualified chef will give you a hands-on experience where you can learn the fundamentals of Cretan food culture and cuisine and learn how to use locally sourced, fresh and seasonal ingredients to prepare a hearty meal and then enjoy the fruit of your labor!

                Team building

                A team from work looking for a fun and creative A fun and creative food-based teambuilding activity that will bring team members together to foster trust, help bonding, improve communication and drive friendly competition, all while producing delicious food for everyone to share!

                Visits of traditional Venues/Activities

                Embark on a culinary tasting adventure of the local Market and artisanal producers (depending on the time of the year). Together we will walk through every different section of the market and will stop and shop for fresh ingredients at the market stalls, getting  essential information about local production and taste your way through the flavors of Crete.

                Long term service

                Crete is known around the world as a haven of Meditteranean cuisine. Culinary delights include lamb or fish based dishes in unexpected combinations, seasonal vegetables,sheep/goat cheese and yoghurt and so much more!Take advantage of the above and enjoy a hands free holiday by adding a personal chef experience to your stay . We offer everyday local meal prep with insight and care but without the frills. Every option is open: doing your own shopping/having the ingredients delivered to you from the supermarket/shopping along with the chef,   getting a couple of meals prepared for you even before your arrival, having your fridge filled with succulent , hearty meals for your whole stay by a professional are just a few of the options that we offer.  Group retreats