Rules & Regulations

Rules and Regulations/Cancellation policy of  Crete Chef Services

Included in Start you day, Taste of Crete, BBQ, Taste of Luxury (except if differently agreed)   

Menu planning

Shopping time

Cost of the best local, seasonal (organic when available) ingredients sourced from our trusted producers and vendors

Table set up accordingly

On site preparation and cooking

Service along with description of each dish

Kitchen clean up

For the rest of our services, according to your needs, the above will be discussed and agreed.


We will need access to the villa about 2 hours before service time and we kindly expect to find some clear space in the fridge.

Suggested minimum reservation: 20 days before arrival

According to the menu there is a minimum charge and / or minimum people required for reservation: Please check menu.

Increasing the number of attendees is possible. Please try to notify us asap. Additional charge per person applies. In case of decreasing the number of attendees please check cancellation policy.

We will ask for your verbal permission to take photographs of the service and/or use them.

We strongly advise to inform us of  allergies , intolerances and any other dietary restrictions and we will happily respond. We can not be held responsible if not informed.

Please also check the following Pricing and Cancellation policy.


In order to price our services we take into consideration the obvious factors such as cost of the ingredients, cooking time and effort, groups’ requirements, logistics  and also include a compensation for business and administrative costs such as cooking equipment, office supplies, accounts services, insurance fees, and various business and professional licenses. The price per person given to you after having finalized the composition of your menu will include all the above.


Prices are per Person. (abbreviation pp in the site)

No tax charges are included in the stated price

Children under 3 years old  have  a 100% discount (excluding individually  served plate menus)

Children from 3 to 7 years old  have a 50% discount(excluding individually served plate menus)

Services in sites distanced in more than 25km from Rethymno have an applicable fee of 0,6€ for every driven km that we also include in the final price per person presented in your final confirmation.

Discounts apply on long time/multiple services

Cancellation Policy

Due to a high demand for our services we must enforce a strict cancellation policy. In case of cancellation by the guest, the following applies:

For cancellations 30 days before the event 90% of amount is refundable 

For cancellations 16 days before the event 60% of amount is refundable  

For cancellations made less than 16 days before the day of the event there is no refund

Decrease of the number of attendees falls within the above .However if this reduces the number of guest below our stated per menu minimum we will need to match your charge for the minimum number of people.

In case that unforeseen events force Crete Chef Services to cancel a reservation, any amount ,including deposits, paid by the guest for the service will be refunded in full.

We will provide compensation due  to force majeure ,if you have to cancel or change your travel arrangements because of war, strike, terrorist activity, natural disaster, fire, etc. If this is the case, please notice that you have to inform us as soon as possible!

Deposits are not refundable. 

All cancellations must be made in writing.