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There is no better way to experience Cretan culture (or any other culture for that matter) than gastronomy. Gastronomy is where values are transformed into emotions and experiences passing down from one generation to the next. The fame of Cretan Cuisine has now traveled to the end of the world. Yet its spirit lives here.

After perfecting my skills and enriching my knowledge for over two decades, working in different environments as a chef, eating my way from Sweden to New Zealand and from Argentina to Japan, I keep up with the culinary evolution  hands on while also looking back to the core values of Cretan Cuisine. Thus, Crete Chef Services can offer both a purely traditional experience but also a more contemporary one. What is non-negotiable is that I  proudly use fresh, seasonal, locally ethically sourced ingredients and curate exclusive one-of-a-kind menus, taking into account the uniqueness of each and every guest.